Monday, March 19, 2012

Library Time!

Hi All!

What a weekend!  I had off on Friday and was busy all weekend so sorry for the lack of posts!  I can't wait to post about this past weekend later tonight!

Anywho, last Thursday I FINALLY finished Water for Elephants.  It was a good story.  Not really type of story really - it was VERY ADULT!  But, it was a good story nonetheless.   The pictures within the novel are from Baraboo, WI so it was pretty crazy to see those!  I would recommend it to anyone who likes those really romantic/suspenseful love stories.

Onto the next book!  I was going to read Too Close to the Falls, but Zachary returned it last week to the library.  So instead, I picked up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and decided to start reading that since it is being made into a movie.  I started it today, and I am liking it so far!  We will have to see how it goes!

I will be going to the library tonight with Zachary to recheck out Too Close to the Falls - and hopefully some other ones as well!

Get ready for some major posts tonight about the past weekend with a Campillo Girls Day on Friday, Campillo St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, and all the treats I made for our last Saturday together before Sam, Amanda and the kids go back to Colorado!

Have a great Monday and Keep Reading!
xoxo Sarah

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