Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back to Blogging....

It's funny - this morning I am watching Barefoot Contessa - Back to Basics.  So I thought a good title for this post would be - Back to Blogging!

Well my friends it has been quite.some.time.

There are some reasons for that - mostly 1.   Of course life is busy and work is busy.  But there is one main thing that has been taking up my time the last 3-4 months.

That's right...Zachary and I are expecting our first baby!  Although we are so so so excited - the last 3-4 months I have been sick sick sick.  So it has been so hard to just be able to sit and write at the computer without running to the bathroom or sleeping.  I'm sure some of you women out there who have had children have experienced the lovely side effect called "morning sickness"  which should be called all day and night sickness!  But good thing is, even though I am still not the best - Zofran is helping and each day is getting better and better!

Baby Campillo is due in May and for all of those individuals wondering - no we are not going to find out!  We are keeping it a surprise which will be hard but we are very very very excited about!

Let's see what else has been happening in life.  I left you last with pictures of our garden and our trip to up north!

Well we have had a lot going on since!  Zachary and I took a really fun weekend trip to Door County!  Being a WI girl, you would think I have been there before, but I had not!  So it was a fun new experience for the both of us!
This is from the fish boil we went to in Fish Creek!
We had such a nice time going to the beach and visiting the wineries - it's like our own Hamptons in WI!  

Then at the end of August we traveled to MI via the Lake Michigan Ferry, the US Badger to visit Zach's family for his 30th birthday!  Here are some fun pictures of our trip. 

Zach and Nana, Zach and our nephew, Max, Silly family pic, Picture of the girls, family pic, and Zach and I on the lake!
Then our good good friends Morgan and Conor came up to visit for a weekend to celebrate Zachs's 30th birthday!  And then....the morning sickness hit!!!  So I do not have any pictures for a few months - but I promise we are ok and the baby is growing!

But I do have a picture from last weekend when we were in MI visiting for Thanksgiving!

And now onto the Christmas season!  More pics and blogs to come!  

Thank you for being patient with me!  And I hope the last 3-4 months of your lives have been just wonderful!  
To Baby Campillo!
xoxo Sarah