Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I know I haven't blogged very much over the past few weeks.  Since the new year started, life has been so busy with work and family that I haven't had the chance to just sit down and write.

And...Sometimes, I just get lost as to what I want to talk about.  I know I can tell you all about the recipes I am trying and the DIY projects I am doing, the books I'm reading and the tea I'm drinking but this blog isn't just that for me.  This is where I can DL for the day and just let my anxieties go - which I have definitely been struggling with lately.

Change is a scary thing for me - I don't know if you get that way either - but I feel like change and my anxiety sometimes can immobilize me.   I know - I know - a lot of you are thinking why change?!?  Change is a good thing!  Sometimes how I think though - is I wish everything could just stay put where it is because it is working great!

I haven't been very good on practicing my anti-anxiety techniques lately and I know I need to do that more.  But sometimes life gets so busy.  Work is non-stop and life can be hard.  I know I have to remember to step back and breathe - Do you ever feel that way?  I know my anxiety stems from when I don't get enough sleep and when I think too much.

I was thinking this week on how to get more confidence and lessen my anxiety.  I took caffeine out of my life to try and reduce anxiety.  I also picked up baking and knitting and reading - which I have to do more of.  People say to put up post-its on your mirror or tell your self that everything is going to be ok - you are ok, but that doesn't work for me.  Usually what works for me also is music.  When I was younger, my mom used to constantly quote the 90's classic by Des'ree "You Gotta Be."  The refrain says:

You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser
You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together
All I know, all I know, love will save the day

This song - every word is so true.  Now I like to listen to David Guetta's "Titanium"  when I need a confidence booster - when things seem to get tough.  This refrain says:

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
fire away, fire away
ricochet, you take your aim
fire away, fire away
you shoot me down, but I won't fall
I am titanium
you shoot me down, but I won't fall
I am titanium

This is a tough tough world.  But both of these songs are empowering - just know when things get tough or too busy and you just wish you could quit - listen to these songs - I promise you they will help you rethink about how tough things are.  Because no matter how tough life can get sometimes, you can handle it.  

Source: HERE
How do you handle anxiety and stress?  What are your best coping mechanisms when life seems to get so busy you don't have time to just sit and think and write?  Maybe what works for you, will work for others. 

Remember - you are titanium :)
xoxo Sarah 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Soft Pretzels!

Hey Guys!

Sorry I have been MIA lately.  It has been pretty busy lately with life and work :)

The other weekend for the Packers game, I decided to try something new and fun.  When we were in St. Louis - I had the best pretzel roll ever!  So I told myself - I want to learn how to make soft pretzels!

Soooo I did and they turned out amazing :)  So so so good!  Even Zach asked for them this past weekend during the football games!

I got the recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.  Two things I changed from it is that 1)  I added the salt after I let the yeast sit for a little bit and foam - I added it with the flour.  And I used Hawaiian coarse salt - so so good :)  Let me know if you would like to know more information on Hawaiian salt.

Click HERE for the recipe.  What is great about this is not only is it good for parties - but I bet kids would love it too maybe while they are watching a movie - add some mustard or cheese sauce on the side - and you are set!

Happy Pretzel Making!
xo Sarah

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Delayed Christmas Fun!

Ok so!  Totally late on this post - but thought I would still share!  Some fun crazy pictures from Christmas at the Campillos!  I don't have any from my side of the family - Christmas was pretty crazy in WI this year!  But I will get some next year!

My godson Max and I with my special Christmas gift to him - Go Pack Go!, the Campillo guys, Sophia and Keira, Zachary hanging his ornaments on the Christmas tree, then Amanda and I!
Max, Max and Zachary, Mom baking and making Christmas dinner, the kids, and Max and I playing piano (sorry lots of photos of the babies, don't get to see them much during the year!)
Happy New Year everyone!
xoxo Sarah

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meet Me in St. Louie Louie!

Meet me at the fair!

Ok so this past weekend we celebrated our friends' wedding - Donny and Missy.  We traveled to St. Louis, MO with friends to watch a fun great couple get married!  We had such a blast and the wedding was very glam!  Take a look at the pictures below!  Donny and Missy, congrats to the both of you - we love you both very much!
At the rehearsal dinner which was at the Moto Museum - a motorcycle museum near SLU.  From the top left: the happy couple, the Pydo guys, Morgan, Mikie and I, the Glenbard guys, and the table names at the dinner, an awesome hand and glass in our hotel room, a motorcycle at the museum, and Conor giving a speech

At the reception - glass of champagne with the centerpiece, Zachary and Moira dancing, our table, friends, friends, and the band!
The bride and groom, the Dowell family, Friends, friends, friends, and more friends - all at the reception!
What a great fun wedding!  Cheers to spending the weekend with good friends and family!

Yeah for Donny and Missy!  
xoxo Sarah

Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY Clothespin Picture Frame

One of the exciting gifts this year I made for Christmas (with Zachary's help) was a clothespin picture frame.

You might be asking yourself - what is a clothespin picture frame??  Well - check it out below!

So what I did was, bought an old frame that was larger and had a picture, glass, a backing - and just removed everything from the frame so the frame was bare. Then Zachary put some screws into the the frame - three sets of 2 - and tied wire from one end to the other.  And then you can hang pictures on the wire via clothespins.  You are able to change the pictures at any point you want!  And it's so easy!  We made this  for our friends Conor and Morgan with all the pictures from their wedding as well as the reading I did for the wedding. 

I first found this idea on one of the DIY websites I follow, The Inspired Room.  She has a great collection of DIY projects - I made homemade Topiaries because of the one project I saw on her website.  So when I was perusing one day, I saw this post and I said I had to make this!  This frame above is laying on one of our rugs, but I promise you there is no backing too it!  

It is so easy and a great idea for yourself in your home or gift as well!

Yeah for homemade picture frames!
xoxo Sarah

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Seasonal Favorite!


Yes - Popcorn.  In the world of Chicagoland, there is only one kind of popcorn you get during the holidays, and that is Garrett's popcorn - specifically, the Chicago mix.  The combination of cheddar corn and caramel corn is amazing - It is addictive after the first piece!  So yummy and delicious!

If you are ever in the Chicago area, make sure to go find a Garrett's!  Otherwise you can order online HERE.
Yummy - the Chicago mix is the best!!! I bet you're jealous just looking at it!
Yeah for Garrett's Popcorn!
xoxo Sarah

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - and Fish Tacos!

Happy New Year everyone!

Source: HERE
I hope you all are making your NY resolutions today for 2013 - mine is to work out more!  I need it - it's my shape up year!  

But for a fun NY dinner - Fish Tacos are the answer!  Last year when I was having my girls weekend I tried these awesome fish tacos and have now made them a couple times at home for Zachary and I.  

The recipe is HERE.  These are so delicious with avacado, a little sour cream - delicious!  I use tilapia instead of the halibut for a less fishier taste - but I think either one would be good!

Take a look below:
Deliciousness for dinner!
Happy Fish Tacos and New Years!
xoxo Sarah