Friday, June 21, 2013

Grilled Chicken Caprese Pasta

Happy Friday!

Want to know a great weeknight meal - oh man - this is!  I found it on pinterest!  I am kind of obsessed with caprese meals - I love the combination of mozz, basil, and tomatoes - and during the summer I cannot get enough of it!

Zach said this was the best so far!  I broiled it right at the end to get that crisp cheese on top!  Always a trick to help to get that golden look if anyone is every wondering!

Click HERE for the recipe.

Yeah for new meals!
xoxo Sarah

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden update...

So you all so the garden right when we planted it (Here) - but now take a look...what are your thoughts???

Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce (which we have had several salads from already), parsley, sage, basil, basil, and more basil, lavender, thyme, rosemary, onion, garlic, zucchini, brussels sprouts and egg plant - oh yes...they are all in there... I promise!  Can you tell what is what??? Wait till they larger plants start sprouting their veggies!

Yeah for gardening!
xoxo Sarah

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grandma's Lemon Tort

Ok - so I cannot give the recipe out on this one - because it is a secret family recipe...but if you come and visit - I will make it for you - and then you will fall in love!

You saw a peek of this recipe on this post here - but man oh man - is this good!  I didn't remember how good because we haven't had it for awhile - but it is good :)

Old fashioned and as tart as a lemon - just the perfect dessert for a small gathering of individuals and also my dad's favorite desert my grandma made!  I made this for my dad for Father's day...

As my dad said - that was really good :) 
Yeah for grandma's lemon tort!
xoxo Sarah

Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Relaxing...


Long time no chat :)

I promise to write more - just have been busy with work and life - haven't had a chance to write!

But with that said - life is good!  Zachary and I are getting used to our new surroundings and just enjoying the weather up here - with walks along the river after work or after dinner, playing tennis, gardening, and doing all that fun stuff summer is supposed to bring!

Speaking of gardening - I harvested our rhubarb and made a great strawberry rhubarb pie.  For the crust I just bought a box of Pillsbury pie crust mix - just mix with water - it turned out great! And for the pie recipe I used THIS recipe.   I tried to do something pretty simple as it was the first pie I have ever made.  And I didn't have any cinnamon (I swear I thought I had - don't you just hate that when you find an ingredient you had but dont't?!  It's the worst!), so I substituted with a pinch of pumpkin pie spice (aka 1/8 tsp).

My grandpa informed last week that he likes rhubarb pie - so I thought I would try this!   As I got an email from him tonight - he thought it was delicious!  So Yeah for my first pie!  What do you think??  Zach wrapped it pretty good before I got a picture of it - so sorry for the foil around the background!

And that is a heart in the center from some extra pie crust I had :)
Yeah for my first pie!
xoxo Sarah

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Housewarming Gift

Happy Tuesday!

It's rainy and cold up north here!!  Where did summer go???

When we first moved Zach got me one of the coolest moving gifts.  It is 2 beautiful canvas' from this site from Etsy.

You can customize it to anyway you would like - So I just did simple white canvas with black cursive writing and it has our wedding song lyrics on it.  One  canvas has two of the stanzas and the other one has the other two stanzas from our wedding song "The Nearness of You" by Norah Jones.

Anyways I'm loving it and know exactly where it is going to go in our place!

These are great ideas for baby rooms- with a pretty lullaby - or even a wedding gift!!!

Yeah for moving gifts!
xoxo Sarah