Friday, August 30, 2013

Garden Update - Almost end of Summer!

It is almost the end of summer and our garden is still in full bloom!  Take a look below!

This is a large strainer filled with all types of tomatoes!  
Zucchini, Egg Plant, Green Peppers, Chili Peppers, Jalapenos, Basil, Dill, and more Beefsteak Tomatoes

With the eggplant, Zachary made eggplant lasagna!  It was delicious!!!  All from scratch, minus the noddles!
I didn't get the best picture of it - but it was so yummy!
Yeah for our garden!
xoxo Sarah

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kampfire Kones

I LOVE S'MORES!  Everything S'Mores - I love!  So when I was up north and my cousin Carrie showed me this twist on s'mores, I was more than happy to try!

Kampfire Kones (K is for Kuepper - which is my cousin's last name).   Take a sugar cone, line it with anything you want - like Nutella or Peanut Butter or maybe even some sort of Jelly - then add some mini marshmallows and add some chocolate chips or butterscotch chips and then add some mini marshmallows on top of that.   Wrap the cone in tin foil and put it over the fire and let the deliciousness happen!

These were so amazing - I might have had too many!  Take a look below!  Your mouth will drool!

The Kampfire Kone and Kennedy enjoying a Kone :)
Yeah for Kampfire Kones!
xoxo Sarah

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blind Wine Tasting Game

While we were up north this year, my cousins and I decided that we wanted to participate in a wine tasting.  Well, I got a gift a few years back of this "Blind Wine" Wine Tasting Game.  So, I decided to bring it and use it for our wine tasting.  All of us were required to bring 1 bottle of wine. We had scorecards on taste, smell, clarity, and color.  Once all the wines were ranked, the winner was announced!   And the winner, my cousin Mark, who brought a Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato - won a medal that was provided!  Once we got back from up north, I sent out the thank you post cards that were provided in the game for all those that participated!

This game was so cute and fun!  You can purchase the game on Amazon HERE.

Take a look at our wine tasting fun below (PS:  Kennedy DID NOT participate in the wine tasting, she was just there to watch a movie :) )
Wine Tasting Thank you cards, Wine Tasting Group (Minus Zach, Kris and Mark, Plus Kennedy)
Yeah for Games!
xoxo Sarah\

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Up North 2013

At the End of July/Beginning of August, the fam went up north!

Let me tell you a little bit about the Kaminski family up north:

We have been doing this for years and years and years.  I have been going up north to Land O Lakes, WI since I was 9 months old.  My dad has been going up to the same place since he was a kid.  It has gone through different owners - but I owe know it as McPartlin's Resort on Lac Vieux Desert.  There are now 4 generations that have been going on the Kaminski family up north trip.  We do everything from mini golf, go karting, shopping, horseback riding, golfing, tubing, water skiing and most importantly, fishing.  This lake is a fishing lake - we fish for walleye and perch and at the end of vacation we always have a fish fry that my grandpa started doing a long time ago!  Now, my Uncle Bill is the one who does the fish fry, but grandpa is still there enjoying the fish fry!  Last year, we did not go because we went to MI with Zach's family, so it was so nice to be able to go up north with my family this year.  It is such a big tradition that it is hard to miss!

Here is a little glimpse of our up north trip!  Although it was a little cool, the weather was still beautiful!

Zach and I like to go get a sweatshirt while we are up north - this year's theme = white :)   Yeah for Eagle River Sweatshirts!
Yeah for Up North!
xoxo Sarah

Friday, August 16, 2013

Introducing the Patricks!

The other weekend, prior to going up north, Zach and I ventured across state lines to attend the wedding of one my college friends and roommates.  It was so great to see all of my girlfriends from college and we were able to celebrate our friend!  Yeah to Nick and Lauren - Congrats and Best wishes!
Lauren and her dad walking down the aisle and the church!
Pictures from the reception!  I didn't get a pic of Zach and I together - but you see us throughout the pics :)
Yeah for weddings and friends!
xoxo Sarah

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Loving lately...

Ok so my friend Katie does this on her blog and I love the idea of it and have not done it yet so I thought I would try once.  She writes about the things in her life that she is loving lately and she is really into...

So... here it goes!

Lately, I have been loving...
1) Walks after work - especially on this trail.
2) Flowers from the Farmer's market (see below).
3) The Nines - restaurant in Mequon at the River Club of Mequon - Zach and I had our reception there prior to the renovation.
4) The necklace and bracelet seen HERE - celebrating the birth of Prince George
5) Loved this book - its a summer must read!

Beautiful flowers from the farmers market - didn't have a vase big enough so we had to use an ice bucket!
Love these things!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Garden update...

The raspberries are done and onto the tomatoes and zucchinis!  

Take a look below at the new yummy eats coming from the garden :)

Grape and roma tomatoes and zucchini!
Yeah for growing your own veggies!
xoxo Sarah

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Diamond in the Rough

Several months ago, Zachary and I started watching the show "Wisconsin Foodie."  It is one of the coolest shows we found on PBS when we were living in IL.  I think this show was calling us to come home for some reason - they do specials on the New Glarus Brewery (Spotted Cow anyone?), Bartolotta's restaurants, WI farms, and other fun gems that WI has to offer food wise.  WI is definitely a hidden gem when it comes to the amazing delicious food that it has to offer. 

Speaking of hidden gems, what about this diamond in the rough:  Il Ritrovo!  The other weekend when our friends the Evans' family were up visiting, we got into a discussion about this hidden Sheboygan gem!  We saw a WI Foodie episode all about Stefano's restaurants and his Italian empire in downtown Sheboygan - but we got into conversation with Katie and Mark about it and we were reminded that WE NEED TO GO ASAP to this amazing restaurant.  So of course - we did!  Who knew it was so close to us too!  I am not kidding, you live in WI, you need to go - it's a must!  If you are in IL and you are on your way up to Door County - just stop for a quick bite at this amazing pizza restaurant - it's better than Chicago pizza!  One of the very few actual Neapolitan certified/style pizzeria in the world is in Sheboygan, WI!  

To read a little bit more about Stefano's restaurants in Sheboygan, click HERE

First time there, we did it real simple - a salad and buffalo mozzarella margarita pizza to split - also we have come home with a couple of bottles of wine as well :)  
Seriously- stop what you are doing and go right now if you have not - so far it my fav restaurant I have been to in WI.  

Yeah for Il Ritrovo!
xoxo Sarah

Monday, August 12, 2013

Noticeably Absent!

I know I know!

I have been missing for like 3 weeks - but I promise more posts to come!

Here is a quick run down of what we have been up to lately!

Wedding, vacation, gardening, work, family, friends, major birthdays, concerts and more!

Here is a little sneak peak into a concert we went to with my sister and her boyfriend, Ted.  Yes - at first we did think we were going to see the real ABBA but turns out - it was ARRIVAL the best impersonation band in Sweden!

Zach and I with the band!
Kate and I being DANCING QUEENS!  We were actually dancing to the song Mama Mia!
Yeah for summer concerts!
xoxo Sarah