Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How do you pick what cheesecake to make!?

Zachary loves cheesecake.  So for his birthday - I was going to make cheesecake for sure.  But what kind!? That is the question.  So I went to my friend Pam (she blogs HERE) - the cheesecake guru- and asked her what is the best cheesecake she makes.  She gave me the recipes to her Tiramasu Cheesecake (HERE) and to her Turtle Cheesecake (HERE).  Although these look amazing and I wanted to try them - I still have not perfected the normal NY style cheesecake - SO, I thought I would just go with that.  But, Pam does give great advice in how baking a cheesecake like with a water bath - thanks Pam for the advice and suggestions, once I am as good as you, I will for sure be tackling these two cheesecakes!

So I decided to go to Bakerella - another baking guru who's blog I like to read.  She has a TON of baking options - very crafty and talented lady!  I went to her simple cheesecake recipe HERE.  I tried to make a water bath and add that technique to her recipe like Pam told me to, but I didn't have a big enough baking dish to fit my spring-foam pan in.  The cheesecake turned out as best as it could be - I think I over did it a little and it cracked, but at least this time, it didn't sink in the middle!  

I'm getting there!  If you guys have any tips at all about baking cheesecake, I would love to know!!  See below the cake I made for Zachary!  
Bakerella's cheesecake - I served it with a few raspberries on the side!
Happy Cheesecake Baking!
xoxo Sarah

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