Monday, October 8, 2012

Fun Fall Centerpiece Idea - DIY

I saw this idea at my friend Ang's new house the other weekend when I went up to WI to visit!  She saw it on pinterest - and I though it was genius.

To make your home smell nice - and like a fresh cup of coffee, she added coffee beans to candle votives to place tea lights on top of so that the heat from the candles brought out the smell of the coffee beans.  It made their house smell amazing, and it was a really creative idea to dress up a glass candle votive - plus, the brown is a great accent color for fall and winter!

So I went out and bought some whole coffee beans (any will work) and added them to our coffee table centerpiece.  Take a look below and tell me what you think!  I think it looks great!

Just a fun little fall centerpiece!
Happy Fall Decorating!
xoxo Sarah


  1. I know - hey - guess what, the silver dish those are on - that's what you guys gave us for our wedding :)