Monday, November 5, 2012


This past week was the 2nd anniversary of my Grandma passing away.  She, being the extremely religious woman she was, passed away on November 1st, otherwise known as "All Saints Day."  Just thinking back on her and her life, make me thankful for knowing such a wonderful woman.

Now that it has turned to November, Thanksgiving is coming up.  Of course I love the Black Friday deals and shopping, but over the past couple years I have remember to give thanks for all the wonderful amazing things in my life as well as the trials that have made me stronger.  I am thankful for a loving husband who is my best friend and life.  I am thankful for my amazing family - my mom, dad, sister and of course Beau the dog.  Without them, I would be nothing.  I am thankful for my extended family - the Kaminskis, the Koszalinski, the Campillos, and the O'Haras.  I am thankful for my home and warmth and food.  I am thankful for my job and my husband's job.  I am thankful for being able to see, hear, smell, taste all the wonderful things this world has to offer.  There is so much more I can list as well, but then what would I say I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving Day!?

Take some time out of your day to realize how thankful you are for the things you have in your life.  Be Thankful.  What are you thankful for?

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Happy to be thankful!
xoxo Sarah

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