Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - and Fish Tacos!

Happy New Year everyone!

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I hope you all are making your NY resolutions today for 2013 - mine is to work out more!  I need it - it's my shape up year!  

But for a fun NY dinner - Fish Tacos are the answer!  Last year when I was having my girls weekend I tried these awesome fish tacos and have now made them a couple times at home for Zachary and I.  

The recipe is HERE.  These are so delicious with avacado, a little sour cream - delicious!  I use tilapia instead of the halibut for a less fishier taste - but I think either one would be good!

Take a look below:
Deliciousness for dinner!
Happy Fish Tacos and New Years!
xoxo Sarah

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