Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy April and Happy Easter!

Hello All!  Happy belated Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend last weekend!

Life has been busy for us here :)  Busy packing and busy working!!!

We had a nice Easter though - on Saturday we were up in WI for a surprise visit/purchase of a new car!!!!  2013 Buick Encore - It's amazing :)  After watching a sad loss for Marquette on Saturday afternoon, we started prepping for Easter!

Sunday, we went to church and made some great food throughout the day:

For Brunch we had ham, eggs, and toast.

For appetizers during the day we had prosciutto wrapped asparagus with a strawberry balsamic drizzle and also steamed artichokes with a lemon butter.  Take a look below.

For the main course, we had mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and carrots, and this beautiful rib-eye roast. 

Last but not least, I made a beautiful dessert of a lemon cream cake with fresh raspberries!  The recipe is HERE

The food was just delicious!  We have another big food weekend coming this weekend because of my SIL's First Communion. 

Can't wait to hear about all your festive Easter activities!!!

Yeah for Easter!
xoxo Sarah

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