Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Above it All..

Happy Wednesday!

This past Sunday at mass, we heard a homily that really struck me.  Maybe it was because it was from one of my favorite priests from SNC or because we are at the Abbey, but I really took it to heart.

Fr. Jim started talking about a time he was on a plane with the Packers heading to a week of practice/games that were away.  The week had been miserable weather wise - raining and cloudy all for a long time - so all the players weren't very talkative - almost craving the sunshine.  When they were about to take off from the airport, the pilot came on and said they were going to hit some major turbulence and then it should level out. Fr. Jim said that through the turbulence the players were extremely quiet and some were even white knuckling the chairs in front of them.  And then out of nowhere when they got up and over the clouds there was the sun - just shining completely through the whole sky.  Then the players started to relax and the talking and smiling and acting like they normally do.  When everyone relaxed, a wife of one of the administration individuals turned to Fr. Jim and said, "Sometimes I guess you just have to rise above it all."

The phrase got to me:  Rise above it all. 

Sometimes you really do have to rise above it all.  In life, in work...things can get hard but through the hard times, the sun will shine - you just have to grin and bear it and rise above it.   You learn through difficult times, that you have to make difficult choices.  You can get bothered by the small stuff, or you can choose your battles and be the bigger person.  In the end, you will be the better person by being the bigger person.  Remember that.  Be the bigger person, take the higher ground, rise above it all.

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Yeah for rising above...
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