Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Relaxing...


Long time no chat :)

I promise to write more - just have been busy with work and life - haven't had a chance to write!

But with that said - life is good!  Zachary and I are getting used to our new surroundings and just enjoying the weather up here - with walks along the river after work or after dinner, playing tennis, gardening, and doing all that fun stuff summer is supposed to bring!

Speaking of gardening - I harvested our rhubarb and made a great strawberry rhubarb pie.  For the crust I just bought a box of Pillsbury pie crust mix - just mix with water - it turned out great! And for the pie recipe I used THIS recipe.   I tried to do something pretty simple as it was the first pie I have ever made.  And I didn't have any cinnamon (I swear I thought I had - don't you just hate that when you find an ingredient you had but dont't?!  It's the worst!), so I substituted with a pinch of pumpkin pie spice (aka 1/8 tsp).

My grandpa informed last week that he likes rhubarb pie - so I thought I would try this!   As I got an email from him tonight - he thought it was delicious!  So Yeah for my first pie!  What do you think??  Zach wrapped it pretty good before I got a picture of it - so sorry for the foil around the background!

And that is a heart in the center from some extra pie crust I had :)
Yeah for my first pie!
xoxo Sarah

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