Friday, July 19, 2013

Nature's Little Delicacies

Now that we have a garden that is growing a zucchini plant, we are able to enjoy one of nature's little delicacies - Zucchini Flowers!

One night for dinner recently, Zach made fried zucchini flowers.  He used his own recipe - but it was a similar recipe to Giada's Cheese Filled Zucchini Flowers here.

I have never had zucchini flowers before - and they are so delicious and so delicate.  I was a little hesitant trying them at first, but now - I am so happy I tried them - they were just delicious!!!  If you get the chance to try something new like this - definitely worth it!  Have you ever had zucchini flowers before???

Zach separating the flowers prior to them being stuffed and fried - how cool!
Yeah for trying something new!
xoxo Sarah

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