Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Diamond in the Rough

Several months ago, Zachary and I started watching the show "Wisconsin Foodie."  It is one of the coolest shows we found on PBS when we were living in IL.  I think this show was calling us to come home for some reason - they do specials on the New Glarus Brewery (Spotted Cow anyone?), Bartolotta's restaurants, WI farms, and other fun gems that WI has to offer food wise.  WI is definitely a hidden gem when it comes to the amazing delicious food that it has to offer. 

Speaking of hidden gems, what about this diamond in the rough:  Il Ritrovo!  The other weekend when our friends the Evans' family were up visiting, we got into a discussion about this hidden Sheboygan gem!  We saw a WI Foodie episode all about Stefano's restaurants and his Italian empire in downtown Sheboygan - but we got into conversation with Katie and Mark about it and we were reminded that WE NEED TO GO ASAP to this amazing restaurant.  So of course - we did!  Who knew it was so close to us too!  I am not kidding, you live in WI, you need to go - it's a must!  If you are in IL and you are on your way up to Door County - just stop for a quick bite at this amazing pizza restaurant - it's better than Chicago pizza!  One of the very few actual Neapolitan certified/style pizzeria in the world is in Sheboygan, WI!  

To read a little bit more about Stefano's restaurants in Sheboygan, click HERE

First time there, we did it real simple - a salad and buffalo mozzarella margarita pizza to split - also we have come home with a couple of bottles of wine as well :)  
Seriously- stop what you are doing and go right now if you have not - so far it my fav restaurant I have been to in WI.  

Yeah for Il Ritrovo!
xoxo Sarah

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