Thursday, August 15, 2013

Loving lately...

Ok so my friend Katie does this on her blog and I love the idea of it and have not done it yet so I thought I would try once.  She writes about the things in her life that she is loving lately and she is really into...

So... here it goes!

Lately, I have been loving...
1) Walks after work - especially on this trail.
2) Flowers from the Farmer's market (see below).
3) The Nines - restaurant in Mequon at the River Club of Mequon - Zach and I had our reception there prior to the renovation.
4) The necklace and bracelet seen HERE - celebrating the birth of Prince George
5) Loved this book - its a summer must read!

Beautiful flowers from the farmers market - didn't have a vase big enough so we had to use an ice bucket!
Love these things!

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