Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I was way behind this year, so I wasn't able to send out any Valentine's!  So this is my Valentine to you!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Today at work, we had to wear red, white or pink and bake something sweet!  I made oreao cheesecake cookies from browneyedbaker.com - she is genius I swear!  I will post some pics of those cookies a little later.

I just had to share though what Zachary sent me today at work.  I have such an amazing and loving husband.  I got a beautiful floral arrangement today delivered to my office that I was so surprised about.  Not only are the flowers beautiful but so is the vase - made from Mercury glass which I LOVE!! Way to go Z on the choice of vase!  Zachary and I are celebrating Valentine's this Saturday night when we cook live lobsters together - can't wait to post about that experience.  But tonight, we are going to the library and pretending like it is any normal day!

What are everyone's plans for Valentine's Day?  Does anyone do any sort of tradition at all?  Is anyone going out?  Are you throwing a party?  Are you watching a movie or playing a game?  I want to hear so let me know!

Happy Valentine's Day All - to my family and friends - I love you very much!

xoxo Sarah
My Valentine's Day flowers from Zachary!

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