Monday, February 27, 2012

Tea of the Week!

Hello All and Happy Monday!

During my travelling week extravaganza, I stopped by my friend Katie's house to play with her and her daughter and Katie reminded me I should write about the tea I drink!

SO!  That is what this post is about.  I think every Monday I will post about the "tea of the week."  So this week, my tea of choice is "Well-Rested" decaffeinated tea from Trader Joe's.
Any tea from Trader Joe's I find to be great!  They are cheap and delicious.  After a long day of work, All I want to do is come home to Zachary, sit-down, watch some Glee, and have a cup of this tea.  It makes me relax and just calm down after a hectic work day! I usually let my tea seep for 5 minutes in the hot water that I get from our tea kettle.  

Fun Fact - depending on if my throat feels dry or not, I add a spoonful of honey to make it a little sweet and smooth!

I had to show you a picture of my mug that I recently got when I was in MPLS.  I have a small obsession with British Monarchy and this one store we went to, Patina, had all this great British memorabilia.  So I got this mug that has the Queen's crown on it.  It's officially from England too!!!  

Any who - going to check on my banana bread in the oven right now!   Will post some pics of that when it comes out nice and warm!!!

Keep Calm and Carry on!
xoxo Sarah

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