Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Happy Wednesday all!

You know when you get to work sometimes and everything just seems frustrating or you are just too tired to do anything, but have to make yourself do the best you can?  That is how I felt yesterday!

And then all of a sudden after lunch,  a bouquet of yellow and white flowers with a balloon were delivered to me!  My recruiting manager, Mari, who I work for that works in Green Bay, sent me this beautiful flower arrangement just to thank me for all I do for her.  Out of the blue!  Being appreciated like this, makes me realize what a great company I work for and what great leaders I have!

Today at work, I am having to be a part of a leadership video and describing what I believe is Leadership.  Last night and this morning, I really reflected on what a leader really is about.  It's not just a title.  It's about inspiration, transparency, innovation,'s about wanting to illuminate the strengths in others. I am lucky enough to have met and worked for/with leaders with the characteristics above!

How are you a leader?  What is leadership to you?  What does being a leader mean to you?  Think about it!  It's a great way to reflect!
"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

xoxo sarah

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