Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tea of the Week!

Last post for the evening!

I still have to be shown how to time my posts :)

But on Saturday morning I tried a new tea at Pam's house during girl's weekend (Pam's an amazing baker take a look at her blog: Cupcake Confessions). The tea that she gave me was called "Get Happy" tea by The Republic of Tea.  She found it at World Market but it is also in probably different locations as well!

This tea was caffeine-free and had an orange wonderful wake-up taste and scent to it.  It does not have a string to get the tea bag out of the cup when it is seeping - so you are supposed to let it seep the entire time you drink it. 

It comes in a cylindrical container - so take a look for it at the store!  I know I am going to :)

Get Happy!
xoxo Sarah

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