Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Homemade Wine Cork Garden Markers

Ok so maybe it was the planting and the thought of summer and time spent outside that made me feel like a DIY (Do It Yourself) project weekend!  I did several little clever things that I am really excited to share about and also one big project I will be working on for a week - but that's for a later post!

My first DIY project came from wanting to spruce up our little garden we have on our balcony.  I wanted to make some clever garden markers.  I wanted to make sure I could tell all the herbs apart - and I definitely needed to tell our pepper plants apart from each other because the baby plants all look alike!

As I was researching what to do, I saw several sites had these easy, fun and sophisticated garden markers using wine corks.  All I needed were wine corks, thin wooden dowels, a permanent marker and a drill!  It's easy as pie.  Just take a wine cork and drill half way up the wine cork.  Match the drill bit with the size of the dowel.  Write the name of the plant on the wine cork and you are set!!  They add such a little fun addition to the garden we have!

Take a look below at what I did for ours!

Basil Wine Cork Garden Marker
Look at the wine corks in "Zach's Patch!"
Yeah for DIY Projects!
xoxo Sarah

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