Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY Clothes Pin Magnets

Ok DIY Project #2:  Clothes pin magnets!

When I was at Michael's craft store this past weekend, I went to check out the dollar section there - I love their dollar section - and I came across the cutest clothes pins!  They were 4 for $1 so I had to try them out!

Two different sets up clothes pins I picked up - one green and one blue/white!
I thought what fun to bring a little chic to the fridge and help me keep organized!  For all the weddings we have this summer and this fall, we are getting shower invites, wedding invites, rehearsal invites and everything else in between.  So an easy way I thought to stay organized would give each wedding it's own clothes pin!  

I bought some magnet and took some hot glue (even though there were stickers on the back of the magnets), and I cut the magnet to the size of the back of the clothes pins.  See below:

Back of clothes pins.
This project worked  wonders!  Now I am all organized with my fridge!  Take a look at one of the weddings I clipped to the clothes pins:

This is the wedding for our friends Jeff and Melissa - now I know where to go when I need any information about  their wedding!

Seriously - these are super cheap and easy to make!  You could buy regular clothes pins too and paint any design you want on them!

Have fun making these!  I did!
xoxo Sarah

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