Friday, May 25, 2012

Table for 1 on a Friday Night

So as Zachary travels off to his first Bachelor party of wedding season, I will be home tonight being creative and crafty, relaxing and having a glass of wine!

What do you do on a Friday night when you are by yourself?  I would love to know!

Tonight I am going to make myself a new pasta recipe from my Mother-In-Law and hopefully indulging in a dark chocolate peanut butter cupcake with a glass of wine!  I might give myself a mani-pedi while I'm at it!

What are your thoughts?  What would you do with free time on your hands?  Would you clean?  Read a book?  Watch a girly movie?

At the Signature room enjoying a martini - wouldn't that be a fun "Table for 1" night!
I want to know your thoughts!
xoxo Sarah

1 comment :

  1. hmm... i would relish in a night by myself (hehe, well maybe not, i'd miss nina), but if i did i would clean (i can't relax until i have a clean home), but then i would have a glass of red wine, paint my toenails, watch a chick flick and go to bed. have you ever seen that long of a run on sentence? lol!!

    ok - love you! have a good weekend!!