Friday, May 25, 2012

Library Time!

Hey Everyone!

So in the past two weeks, I have finished the Bridal Quartet series by Nora Roberts.

Four Books:
1) Vision in White
2) Bed of Roses
3) Savor the Moment
4) Happy Ever After

It took me two days to read each book.  I LOVED THEM ALL!!!

I would recommend this series to whomever loves some good, sappy, girly, romance books!  I was voted "Hopeless Romantic" by my senior class in high school (still don't know if that was good or bad or not lol), but you had to know I was going to love these books.  It's a story that is put into 4 novels about 4 best friends who live together and run a wedding business together.  One is the photographer, one is the florist, one is the baker, and one is the planner.  I just loved them all!  I cried with each one of theme - especially on the last one - but don't worry - they were happy tears!  Thank you Angela P and Lo for the awesome recommendation - you both know me too well!

Now I am onto The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, another recommendation from Girl's Weekend 2012.  It's about how to live your life happily, recognize what makes you happy, and what doesn't and working on the things that do make you happy.  It's a story about the author's life through her Happiness Project.  It is a NY Times bestseller - and I have heard about it before Girl's Weekend but never had the chance to read it!  I'm excited for the challenge!

Keep Reading!
xoxo Sarah

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  1. Hi Sarah - I loved loved this Bridal Quartet by Nora Roberts too! I remember I happened to pick one up at the library and got hooked right away. I loved the characters and the whole idea of the women working together in the bridal/wedding business. Wish there were more than 4 books!