Saturday, July 21, 2012

BBQ Grilled Steak Burgers

One thing I love, I think it's because of my mom, is hamburgers!  I can make a mean hamburger - Zachary likes my hamburgers too :)

So I found this recipe as well from Kraft's "Food and Family" magazine/Kraft website.  It's BBQ Grilled Steak Burgers!  Super easy and super yummy!  We didn't have any red peppers in the house, so I used yellow and green peppers instead :)

Click HERE for the recipe!

Did you notice the salad???  It's the arugula one I posted a few days ago! 
What do you think?  What do you love most on hamburgers?  Are you a simple burger fan or are you a cheeseburger fan or are you a fan of the guilty pleasure of Culver's Butterburgers?  I want to know - WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BURGER?

Yeah for Burgers!
xoxo Sarah


  1. Sarah, thanks for sending me the link to your blog, it's really cute! and it is making me really hungry for our Campillo dinner next weekend :) If calories were not a concern, I would like a burger with cheese, bacon, and avocado and maybe even chili, too. and on a pretzel roll. :)

  2. Sarah! This looks so delicious. I want to come for dinner soon! Miss you so much.