Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In...

This past Sunday, Zachary and I are started up our once a year watching of HBO's "The Sopranos" TV show.  This could possibly be the best TV show that was ever created for television.  I mean I love my Bravo shows like "Top Chef" and of course AMC's "Mad Men," but this show is the icing on the cake.  Maybe it's because I married into a part-Italian family?  Not sure - but I love everything about it.  The music, the characters, the drama, THE FOOD...  I even own the "Soprano Family Cookbook" (I will be using that for the first time this weekend...stay tuned!) and "The Sopranos" trivia game.

Even at our wedding, our good friend Mark Evans brought up "The Sopranos" when the song "Don't Stop Believing" was being played on the dance floor (that song is the final song played on the series finale).  

Do I want them to make "The Sopranos" the movie?  I would be first in line to buy tickets.  Do I wish I could name my children Christoper and Adriana?  Of course - but you have to pronounce it how they say it on the show - which I have to say I do a pretty great Adriana impression :)  

Anywho - my love for this Italian family drama is never-ending.  I love it - and will enjoy it with the likes of "The Godfather I," "The Godfather II," and of course "Goodfellas."

To celebrate - Zachary and I had a little antipasto lunch with some good Chianti on Sunday.  Take a look below!  
Do I love Italian food?  Yes.
Do I love being Polish?  Of course. 
Do I wish I was Italian?  Si.  And one day - my children will be and I can live vicariously though them.  But in the meantime - I will eat the food and "Salud" with good Italian wine!  So....

xoxo Sarah

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