Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rock, Flag, and Eagle!!!

Ok the title of this blog post is from one of our favorite TV Shows "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" from one of their episodes about America.

Happy Foruth everyone - I know a day late!  But better late than never right???  So what did everyone do for the 4th?  Zachary and I just relaxed - saw a movie - and ate some good food!  It has been HOT HOT HOT HOT outside so we weren't even able to lay by the pool!  It actually reached 105 degrees today in the city - CRAZY!

We had some great eats yesterday - Zachary grilled some flank steak and shrimp skewers and we had some guacamole and green beans!  It was all delicious!  I made these white chocolate covered strawberries!  I found out about this fun little dessert from my friend Katie's blog last year!  When I saw these, I told myself I HAVE TO MAKE THOSE!  So here is her blog post on these fun 4th of July treats!

Take a look below to see how mine turned out :)
"4th of July" Chocolate Strawberries
I am proud to be an American!
xoxo Sarah

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