Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

The other weekend, my sister, mom and I went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  I haven't been there for YEARSSSSSSSS!!!  We had so much fun!  We saw a BUNCH of different fish and sea mammals.

Take a look below at the fun time we had and all the different creatures we saw!  One of the highlights that we saw, was the baby dolphin that was born in late May!  I have a special picture of that below!

Mama dolphin and baby dolphin!
The Jellies exhibit-look at all these Jelly Fish!
Look at all these crazy looking creatures!  The crab at the bottom of the collage is called a Tasmanian  King Crab - literally the size of a couple basketballs!  
At the aquatic show - the dolphins were in the water before it started - the show was about the beluga whales!  It was very fun!
Hope you enjoyed a little light into our fun Kaminski girl time!
xoxo Sarah

PS:  Sorry for the lack of posts lately - have been CRAZY busy with life and weddings!!!

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