Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Salads!

There is nothing more that I like in summer than salads!  Fresh tomato salads, shrimp salads, steak salads, Caesar salads, grilled chicken salads - I just love love love salads.

The question is - how or what do you make a salad with!  There are so many options!  You can use romaine lettuce, head lettuce, Boston lettuce, frisee, arugula, basil - there are so many options!  And once you decide the base or greens, then what do you add?  More veggies - a protein -maybe even fruit???!!! It's up to you!  And then to top it all off - what type of dressing do you want - do you want to add some ranch, some oil and vinegar or nothing at all!

Well take a look at this beautiful salad below that Zachary made the other night for dinner!  Some fresh arugula, some yellow cherry tomatoes, some Gorgonzola cheese, and a homemade white balsamic vinaigrette!  Simple - crisp - and fresh!  Exactly how we love our salads!

What is your favorite type of salad?  I would love to know!  

Happy Salad Making!
xoxo Sarah

PS:  Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!!

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