Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding Season has Begun...

Ok sorry for the lack of posts this past week.  Zachary and I have been prepping for the wedding season we have this summer...we may only have three that we are going to - but at least one of us is a part of each wedding we are attending - and that is a lot of work!  BUTTTTT - we love it :)  Why?  Because we love the people we are with - friends and family.  They are so important to the both of us.

So let's kick it off right - with the Holland/Misener Wedding!  Take a look below at the fun times we had - both at the rehearsal and wedding!  Fun fact:  Melissa, Jeff and all their friends and families helped put together 1000 paper cranes that were used throughout the wedding.  The paper cranes are a symbol of 1000 years of happiness and love and prosperity according to Chinese tradition.  It was a very cool unique addition to their wedding!  Thank you both to Jeff and Melissa for letting us be a part of it - we love you both very much!
At the Rehearsal

At the Rehearsal Dinner - Cleveland Yacht Club

The Wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the Reception!
Best Wishes and Congrats to Jeff and Melissa Holland!
xoxo Sarah