Monday, July 2, 2012

The Nearness of You...

For those of you who are married - do you ever just wake up in the morning and go - GOSH!  I am just the luckiest person in the whole world?  That is how I feel ever day!  With wedding season kicking off this past weekend for us, I just wanted to say, for those who are getting married this year - congrats - it's the best time of your life...

This post is just strictly dedicated to the amazing husband I have.  Thank you for loving me, respecting me, taking care of me, protecting me, and always being there for me.

At the wedding we were at this past weekend - Cleveland Yacht Club
Love your wife,
xoxo Sarah


  1. nice photo of you two! :) how happy you both make each other is evident!

  2. Thanks Katie!!! :) Miss you xoxo