Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Burger in the World!

I tried the best burger in the world 5 years ago in New Buffalo, MI.  The place was about a mile off the freeway and I was told I needed to have one.  So since it is kind of tradition - we made sure that we stopped there again.  The place I am talking about is Redamak's - click here for the website and menu.  It was the first stop on our drive to Glen Arbor - and when we got there, I knew we were finally on vacation.

I swear though these are the best burgers and shakes you will ever have!  Take a look below and I am sure your mouth will water!
Single burger with cheddar and a chocolate shake - what a great start to vacation!
Just looking at these two pictures makes me want another!  But it's a treat and only on vacation!  

Yeah for Redamak's!
xoxox Sarah

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