Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Black and White Cookies

This week at work we have the baking/cooking Olympics in our office so there will be plenty of posts coming.  But also for work, I had to teach a class to some of our associates about different computer applications in our office.  To treat those that attended the class, I thought I would try my first take at black and white cookies.  I got the recipe from Joy the Baker.

The recipe is HERE.  Like I said - this was my first time making these - so they aren't perfect!  But still delicious - I need to learn how to make that white glaze perfect!  Take a look below - what do you think?

I always remember seeing black and white cookies at different cafes or coffee shops - I always thought they looked sooooo cool :)  So it was fun to make them!

Happy Cookie Baking!
xoxo Sarah

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