Thursday, September 6, 2012

#9 Best Restaurant in the World...

According to Mario Batali that is!

I guess in Michigan, famous chef, Mario Batali, likes to rent a house in Traverse City.  Before, we left, I saw an article on about Mario Batali's favorite restaurants around the world.  Lo and behold, two of them were in Traverse City - just a mere 20 miles from Glen Arbor.  So I told my mother-in-law we needed to go!  Also I thought it was special because Zach's grandma got us his lasagna baking dish for a wedding shower gift!  So we had to go right!?  Well we did...and you would not believe this place.

It is called Frenchies Famous.  Here is an article from about it:

Just this small, cozy little deli stop that serves breakfast and lunch inside their little restaurant or on their back patio.  Owned by a married couple, this place is a MUST GO TO when you travel to Traverse City.  The sandwiches are amazing.  And such a variety, even though the menu isn't huge.  They have a little garden in the backyard.  It is so fun and so awesome!  Having seen this place, makes me have a greater appreciation for Mario Batali as well because this isn't some fancy Michelin star restaurant.  This is simple good food and good people running it.  Yeah for Frenchies - one of Traverse City's hidden treasures!
Nana, the girls and I in front of Frenchies, Nana and the girls, their sign, and their little garden!
Yeah for fun different and great restaurant finds!
xoxo Sarah

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