Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Table Pour Deux, S'il Vous Plaît!

 Zachary and I were lucky enough to get a date night when we were in Michigan.  We decided to go tot eh most adorable French bistro I have ever seen.  Now I love French food and French culture.  One of Zachary's and my favorite restaurants in Chicago is Kiki's Bistro - we highly suggest this and recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a fun different great eatery in Chicago!

Ok - so the restaurant we went to is called La Becasse - seriously sooooooo good! La Becasse is French for "The Woocock" which I believe is a bird of some sort!  The escargot, or snails, were the largest we have ever seen.  I had the duck with a cherry chutney and Zachary had rack of lamb - which was fit for a king!  

Take a look at our awesome time we had!  
Nice Bordeaux Wine....
Out on the quaint patio in the back waiting for our escargot - ignore my lack of eye makeup - I had a sty lol!
Bon Apetit!
xoxo Sarah

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