Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reality TV Cake Recipe - Yes I Did!

Yes Ladies and Gents - I made a recipe for Red Velvet Cake from Kathy Wakile's recipe (Real Housewives of New Jersey - if you didn't know!) for dessert on our anniversary.

Since RHONJ has been in the gossip/pop news so much lately - I thought - what the heck I'll try it!

There are SOOOOO many recipes out there for Red Velvet Cake so I like trying different kinds.  This one was very fluffy and lite and it was delicious!  The one trick I have yet to master for Red Velvet Cake is to not have the cake crumble in the frosting - if you have any pointers on this, please let me know!

Click HERE for the link to the recipe from Kathy's website.

It was very yummy and I recommend trying it!

Fun Fact:  Red Velvet Cake was our wedding cake - that's why I like to make it on our anniversary!
Happy RVC Making!  If you haven't tried it - it's the best!
xoxo Sarah

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