Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon

So for our anniversary last week, Zachary and I made a meal that I have been dying to make ever since I saw it on the movie "Julia and Julia."

Sidenote:  If you have not seen this, you need to - I'm a HUGE Meryl Streep fan and she is just awesome!

Ok - back to the meal.  So this meal is probably one of the most intense cooking instructions possible - many many steps needed for this meal - plus the 3 hours it needs to bake :)

Well - we did it!  And it turned out great!  It was absolutely delicious!  We got all the ingredients we needed at Whole Foods and had fun making it together!

Click HERE for a link to a recipe for Julia Child's creme de la creme - Beef Bourguignon.

Another sidenote:  You can find this recipe in her cookboook The Joy of Cooking.
During the process - and then after!  We added boiled potatoes as a side dish to the meal.  
Happy Cooking!
xoxo Sarah

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