Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Neiman Marcus Dip

Ok!  So my second appetizer from Thanksgiving I found on Pinterest and the name got me first before the actual recipe!  

What kind of dip is a Neiman Marcus dip?  Is this a dip that Neiman Marcus served at their store in a cafe?  Why do they call it this?  I still don't know the answer but from the website that I got the recipe from - they say it is because the dip is very rich!

5 ingredients -that is all it is - served on Ritz crackers!  Take a look at the recipe HERE.

And I am not a mayo person or a green onion person, but this dip doesn't take like either of those things!  The combination of those 5 ingredients (mayo, slivered almonds, real bacon bits, green onion, and cheddar cheese) put on top of a Ritz cracker taste amazing!  My mother-in-law said it reminded her of one of those dips served at a ladies luncheon and that it is going to become a Thanksgiving staple - so that must mean it's good!

This dip is so easy and I definitely recommend it!

5 ingredients = amazing!
Yeah for easy delicious dips!
xoxo Sarah


  1. Yum - yesterday and today's appetizers look delish! Easy and yummy... what could be better?

  2. Oh totally! Super easy and delish :)