Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brie and Cranberry Tartlets

So I finally have figured out how to use Pinterest!  Yes - I am a little behind the game on that - but I have now figured out how to follow people and use it!  So YEAH!  You will be seeing a lot of posts from recipes I have found from Pinterest!  So have fun trying them!

First off, I had to make some appetizers for Thanksgiving and thought I would make a couple I found on Pinterest!  First appetizer - Brie and Cranberry Tartlets!  Very pretty for the holiday season!  Click HERE for the recipe!

They were very good - lacked a little flavor - but I still think they were great!  I think I might have added too much orange zest - but they were yummy!

Phyllo Tarts + Brie + Cranberry/Orange Zest
Very fun little holiday apps!  Best if they are served right out of the oven!

Yeah for holiday apps!
xoxo Sarah

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