Monday, December 17, 2012

From St. Nick

So I want to share this Kaminski St. Nick tradition with everyone because I think it is awesome...

When I was younger, we always celebrated St. Nick.  And still, 27 years old, St. Nick still comes to my house every year.  This year, we got candy and Zachary got "Rudy" on blu-ray.  But the big St. Nick gift we always get is from Nueske's.  If you would like to visit their website, click HERE.  One of the most amazing stores in the world for - wait for it - BACON.  Yes, bacon.  It is from a small town called Wittenberg, WI, where this amazing bacon and other pork and meat specialties come from.

Side Note: We always stop at Nueske's on our way up north to Eagle River.  We always pile up on the deli meats, boneless pork chops, and of course bacon.

Back to Christmas, my mom started sending my grandparents a Nueske's ham every St. Nick and it took them a few years to figure out who St. Nick was!  She always signed it "From St. Nick."  Since, I moved from home and have gotten married, my mom has started that tradition with us as well.  I also introduced Nueske's to Zach's grandmas and now we send it  to them every year on St. Nick as well.

Other Side Note: Rick Bayless - famous Mexican cuisine chef from Chicago - uses Nueske's bacon in his guacamole.

Anywho - I love traditions like this at Christmas time.  Are there any traditions you enjoy during this year?

Nueske's St. Nick gift we received this year!
Yeah for St. Nick and Nueske's!
xoxo Sarah

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