Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Cookie Time - Part 3!!

Sorry guys - took a break for the holidays!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS - From my family to yours!!!
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It's cookie time part 3 in my books!  I am combining two cookies into one here!  I have had a hard time finding a good gingerbread cookie and sugar cookie recipe for cutouts.  So the best recipe I have actually found are the bagged Pillsbury doughs.  I think to me - they are the best cookie recipes for gingerbread and sugar cutout cookies.  I don't have any pictures of the final products (oops!  I forgot to take a picture - sorry).  But, here is a picture of me making the gingerbread cookies!
Not the most flattering picture of myself but thought I'd share :)
One trick when trying to make any sort of cookie that you need to roll out and cut, use a pastry cloth.  I got a set of pastry cloths for a wedding gift, and every time I have made cutout cookies, I have used them, and they are so helpful!  They make the cookies even and not sticky and help to not create a mess on your table surface that you are using!  

But when looking for a gingerbread cookie or sugar cut out cookie to make, I would highly suggest Pillsbury packages doughs - they work great and are super easy to use!

Happy Christmas Cookies!
xoxo Sarah

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