Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Cookie Time - Part 4!!

The last and final cookie I made for Christmas this year - I promise you,  I wish I had time for more - is Zachary's favorite Christmas cookie - the Madeline.

Zach's mom and I have been making Madeline's for the last several years.  With our busy schedules this Christmas, I didn't get the chance to make the cookies with her, but I tried them on my own this year.  I looked up a recipe for Madeline's and came across Julia Child's recipe HERE.  These are one of the hardest cookies to make.  And my mother-in-laws recipe is different to this as well - but I couldn't remember it off the top of my head.  All I know - is that with this recipe - the most important part is the browning of the butter.

They sell the pans for madelines at most gourmet shops like Williams-Sonoma.  Just remember, you have to make sure you butter/flour the pan good before placing the dough on the cookie sheet.

This lemony cake cookie is perfect for the holidays and for any ambitious bakers out there - this is a cookie you are going to want to try and make!

Happy Madeline Making!
xoxo Sarah

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