Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree...

This past weekend, we decorated our's a sneak peak...

We love the tree decorated with white lights, red bulbs, and all the other amazing ornaments that we have collected over the years.  My favorite ornaments have to be my Old World Christmas Nutcracker collection.  It took me years to find all of them - but I did!  I love the Old World Christmas Ornaments.  I collect any and all of them!  I think they are beautiful and just the epitome of what a Christmas tree ornament is.  

Zach really takes Christmas tree decorating seriously - so we do it all out!  Appetizers galore, White Christmas in the background on the TV and champagne!  Take a look at our wonderful spread we had - lobster and fondue and - not shown, Home Run Inn Pizza - a classic Campillo Christmas tree decorating necessity.  
Apps and champagne, and me hanging and ornament!
Have you been waiting in anticipation for the final picture of tree?  Well here it is - We think it turned out pretty beautiful!  What are your thoughts?

I will have to say, that I love coming home from work and it is dark out - but our tree is on!  It's the most beautiful sight!
Yeah for Christmas trees!
xoxo Sarah

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