Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh Holy Night...

The stars are brightly shining!

I am going to try to do as many blog posts with Christmas song titles as possible - just kidding!

But seriously though - this song sums up this post here.  On a Saturday night, the other weekend, when I was home in WI, my mom, sister, and I traveled to "Enchantment in the Park" just outside West Bend!  Unbeknownst, to us - this is a really popular holiday attraction because when I read my friend Katie's blog this week, I found out that she went with her family the day after!  I know random...Katie doesn't even know this!

If you would like to see her review, please view her blog HERE.

So what is great about this attraction, is that you go through in your car viewing the lights and they blink/change to music.  You tune your radio to 94.7FM and there you hear Charlie Brown's Christmas music and the lights flicker to it!  See the pictures below that I tried to take in our moving vehicle. 
Pictures I tried to take from the car window - the last two pics are of the same trees changing color because of the songs. 
This weekend, was just topped off with this, we had a great weekend of shopping and just running into random stores looking for sales!  My mom just loved spending time with her girls, and we just loved spending time with her!

Yeah for Christmas Lights!
xoxo Sarah

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