Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY Clothespin Picture Frame

One of the exciting gifts this year I made for Christmas (with Zachary's help) was a clothespin picture frame.

You might be asking yourself - what is a clothespin picture frame??  Well - check it out below!

So what I did was, bought an old frame that was larger and had a picture, glass, a backing - and just removed everything from the frame so the frame was bare. Then Zachary put some screws into the the frame - three sets of 2 - and tied wire from one end to the other.  And then you can hang pictures on the wire via clothespins.  You are able to change the pictures at any point you want!  And it's so easy!  We made this  for our friends Conor and Morgan with all the pictures from their wedding as well as the reading I did for the wedding. 

I first found this idea on one of the DIY websites I follow, The Inspired Room.  She has a great collection of DIY projects - I made homemade Topiaries because of the one project I saw on her website.  So when I was perusing one day, I saw this post and I said I had to make this!  This frame above is laying on one of our rugs, but I promise you there is no backing too it!  

It is so easy and a great idea for yourself in your home or gift as well!

Yeah for homemade picture frames!
xoxo Sarah

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