Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meet Me in St. Louie Louie!

Meet me at the fair!

Ok so this past weekend we celebrated our friends' wedding - Donny and Missy.  We traveled to St. Louis, MO with friends to watch a fun great couple get married!  We had such a blast and the wedding was very glam!  Take a look at the pictures below!  Donny and Missy, congrats to the both of you - we love you both very much!
At the rehearsal dinner which was at the Moto Museum - a motorcycle museum near SLU.  From the top left: the happy couple, the Pydo guys, Morgan, Mikie and I, the Glenbard guys, and the table names at the dinner, an awesome hand and glass in our hotel room, a motorcycle at the museum, and Conor giving a speech

At the reception - glass of champagne with the centerpiece, Zachary and Moira dancing, our table, friends, friends, and the band!
The bride and groom, the Dowell family, Friends, friends, friends, and more friends - all at the reception!
What a great fun wedding!  Cheers to spending the weekend with good friends and family!

Yeah for Donny and Missy!  
xoxo Sarah

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