Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ding Dong!


Over the holidays and through Valentine's Day - Zachary and I were all about seeing shows - Broadway and plays!  We love going to shows and have been since I was in college :)  

Our regiment going to shows must consist of going to lunch or dinner after in the city - usually "The Italian Village"  which is located in the Theater district of Chicago.  

The first musical we saw together was "Wicked" the first time it came to Chicago.  OH MAN!  I instantly fell in love with this show!  The music is INCREDIBLE - so if you haven't seen this yet - go see it!  We also saw it a second time a little over a year ago when it came back to Chicago!  Hands down - I wish I was Elphaba - If I were ever to be in Broadway - I would want to play Elphaba because I just need to sing "Defying Gravity."

Over Christmas, Zachary and I saw "The Book of MOOOORRRMMMOOOOONNNNN...HELLO!"  If you didn't understand that - we saw "The Book of Mormon."  Unbelievably funny and a must see - FOR ADULTS.  It is a little crude at times...but the music and comedy is so good - no wonder it won 9 Tony awards!  Seriously - you need to go :)  

Then over Valentine's Day, Zachary took me to my first Chicago play at the Goodman Theater.  He got us a box at the theater and we had a blast watching "Other Desert Cities."  It was a great time - although it was a drama piece - it was such a cool experience as we went to Petterino's for brunch beforehand and were treated amazingly - and then headed to a box at the Goodman.  What an amazing time!  

So now that we have been going to shows - I am starting to collect playbills!  I am making a binder and will have to share it when I have finished prepping it :)  

I think that if you ever get the chance to go to a show -you should do it.  Whether it's in Chicago, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Colorado, New York - take advantage of it.  It's so worth it - just a wonderful time with you and your significant other :)  What is your favorite show you have seen?  I would love to know!
At the Goodman - The stage from our box :)
Yeah for fun shows!
xoxo Sarah

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  1. First, WICKED. Hello. You sang "For Good" at my wedding. Duh! :)

    Second, Les Mis. I have a soft spot for this one since I played Cosette!

    Third, Thoroughly Modern Millie. Saw it front row on Broadway in NYC years ago and still love the music!