Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Wedding Registry

So I thought of doing this blog post the other weekend when my two great friends Lauren and Ang came to visit in Naperville!  Lauren is getting married this coming summer, and we were doing a little shopping and we were thinking of items for her registry and what type of items were good to register for.

A fun picture of Lauren, myself, and Ang!  Not the best pic of us - but describes how fun/ridic we can sometimes get :)
I remember when I first registered, I was like a kid in a candy store - not to mention I worked kiddie corner to the one of the largest Macy's in the US.  I registered for everything from silver and china to brooms and vacuums   As a bride, though I bet most of you feel now, you wish you would have not registered for certain things and registered for other things.  So now I am going to make the ultimate wedding registry list for any of those brides out there that want ideas.

Here are the 10 Must-Have's to a bridal registry:
1) Vacuum - My Dyson vacuum is one of the best items I believe I registered for.  We didn't get it for our registry, but we were able to purchase it a couple months later and it is a life saver! I recommend the Dyson Ball Vacuum.

2) Dust Buster - This is the perfect registry item for cleaning up small messes.  We use ours especially at Christmas time to pick up pine needles from the Christmas tree.  You can find them at Target.

3) Le Creuset Dutch Oven (any size) - Although these carry a little price tag with them, we use ours for everything - from soup to roasts to risotto!  This is a definite must-have!  You can pick from any color and they are at usually every kitchen store!

4) 2 Crockpots - We only registered for one crock pot but I got a second one from my aunt, and I was so happy with getting two.  One we keep at home, and one we travel with/use for work functions.  I think it is smart to register for 2 not just 1 :)  Same at the Le Creuset - you can find them at any kitchen store.

5) KitchenAid Stand Mixer (Any Size) - The bigger the better on this one, but we use this for everything - baking and pizzas :)  This is a great item to watch for at sales times when purchasing for someone for a wedding gift, or if you are the bride, anytime after your wedding and still on your registry - Black Friday always has good deals!  Macy's is a great location to find one of  these!

6) Food Processor (Any Size) - We also use this for everything - pasta sauces, pasta dough, dressings, hummus, salsa, guacamole, chopping onions - seriously - everything.  You can find that at any department store.

7) Wine Glasses (any kind/any size):  You will go through these fast and don't be afraid if they break - that's why your order for all different kinds :)  Crate and Barrel has a great selection!

8) Champagne Glasses:  Doesn't have to be a lot, any size is fine - it's just nice to have for those fun first moments in your marriage - a new car, buying a house, moving, a baby, a new job...things like that!  For fancy ones take a look at Macy's!  For every day ones - check out Crate and Barrel!

9) A Good Knife - I know that sounds kind of funny!  But any good knife, will be able to cut anything you are looking to cook with! Wustoff makes a great chef's knife that can be used for everything in the kitchen!

10) Wedding Day Cake Serving Utensils and Champagne Flutes:  You can make these as special as you want.  Sometimes, they are hand me downs from your parents' weddings or you can put these on your registry and they are great buys for your guests at your showers so that you can use them on your wedding day.  We got our from Macy's.  The cake utensils were Kate Spade and the champagne flutes were Waterford.

Well I am sure that all of you reading this have other ideas of what your top 10 would be on a registry list would be as well - I would love to see what your thoughts would be so make sure you leave a comment :)  All those going to be brides would definitely appreciate it!

Yeah for friends getting married!
xo Sarah

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