Monday, May 13, 2013's not's a see you real soon!

Sorry guys - its been a crazy couple of weeks getting used to a new job - a new place - a new home...but all GREAT THINGS!!

I bet you all think I am leaving blogging by that title - not :)

I am actually talking about the numerous surprised I received the final week I was in Chicago.   When I left my Chicago office, I left some great friends and a great group of people!  We had a lot of fun the last week I was in my Chicago office - fun lunches, a surprise dinner, a surprise cake and going away party - here are just a few snapshots of what I was up to my last week at the Chicago office!  Thank you to all of them so much for a wonderful and amazing send-off!
Surprise party at HUB 51, Fun Committee surprise picture gift, pics not included - Cake, Journal that were going away gifts :) 
Yeah for surprises! 
xoxo Sarah

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