Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Brat Stop!

So I'm working a little backwards here - but needed to share a couple blog posts about celebrating a bittersweet end to our time in IL and our celebration of moving back home to WI.

On our way up Thursday night - we stopped for dinner at the brat stop for some cheese curds and well...brats!  The first time Zach ever went to WI was to the brat stop and that is the furthest he went - years before we met.  He vowed to himself he would not be back - well!  He is - and we had to make a stop at the brat stop to commemorate the move!  Take a look at the pics below!  So yummy!!!

The Brat Stop is a WI landmark and a great place for some good WI food!  If you are ever passing through IL to WI or vice versa - stop here for a great treat!  You won'r regret it!  Click HERE for the website to find directions and get a menu to look at!

Yeah for The Brat Stop!
xoxo Sarah

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