Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blind Wine Tasting Game

While we were up north this year, my cousins and I decided that we wanted to participate in a wine tasting.  Well, I got a gift a few years back of this "Blind Wine" Wine Tasting Game.  So, I decided to bring it and use it for our wine tasting.  All of us were required to bring 1 bottle of wine. We had scorecards on taste, smell, clarity, and color.  Once all the wines were ranked, the winner was announced!   And the winner, my cousin Mark, who brought a Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato - won a medal that was provided!  Once we got back from up north, I sent out the thank you post cards that were provided in the game for all those that participated!

This game was so cute and fun!  You can purchase the game on Amazon HERE.

Take a look at our wine tasting fun below (PS:  Kennedy DID NOT participate in the wine tasting, she was just there to watch a movie :) )
Wine Tasting Thank you cards, Wine Tasting Group (Minus Zach, Kris and Mark, Plus Kennedy)
Yeah for Games!
xoxo Sarah\

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